Sisters-Only Workshop with Dr. Aisha Utz in Dubai



“And We will surely test you until We make evident those who strive among you [for the cause of Allah] and the patient, and We will test your affairs.” (Muhammad 47:31)


Coping With Trials and Tribulations


The believing Woman's Perspective


Date: 18th & 19th January 2013

Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Venue: Dubai Chamber Auditorium [click here for location map]


Fee with discount options

Adult Fee: AED 150 (15 years and above, to be  paid on or before 15th January 2013)

Early Bird Fee: AED 100 (to be paid before 08th January 2013)

On site Registration: AED 300 (payment submitted after cut-off date may be made at the venue)


For Registration :


About the Workshop

This workshop will discuss the theoretical and practical issues of physical, social, emotional and other trials faced in ones life. The main focal point of the workshop will be the way of a Muslim women in dealing with such trials from the perspective of the Muslim mother, the Muslim wife, the Muslim Daughter and many other roles that a believing woman plays in her day to day life. The material will be presented through lecture sessions, case studies and Q&A.


 Bonus Material - Individual Sessions with Dr. Aisha

·         Based on popular demand, Dr. Aisha has kindly offered to give free individual sessions to a limited number of participants.

·         Participants will be required to sign-up for the individual sessions on the first day of the workshop only, i.e Friday January 18th 2013. No sign-ups will be entertained before or after this date.

·         Selection will be based on need. Each sign-up will be personally reviewed by Dr. Aisha to determine eligibility.


Why this Workshop?

Trials and tribulations are inevitable realities of life. They may occur in any aspect of our lives. The believing Muslim should acknowledge this fact, understand the reasons for them and be aware of the framework for coping with them as mentioned in the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him).


About the Speaker

(Formerly Aisha Hamdan; Author of 'Nurturing Emaan in Children' & 'Psychology from the Islamic Perspective')

Dr. Aisha has authored/co-authored several books, dozens of articles for magazines and academic journals. Having presented her ideas on psychology and Islam at a number of professional conferences, she is a strong proponent of integrating Islamic perspective into teaching and counseling. Her current research studies the relationship between religiosity, religious coping, mental and physical health in Muslim populations.



·         Registration & payment cut-off date is 15th January 2013.

·         Confirmation of seat requires online registration, followed by payment of registration fee.

·         Onsite registration fee is AED 300 (applicable after payment cut-off date, this payment can be made at the venue).

·         This is a sisters only workshop and children below 15 years of age will not be allowed inside the auditorium.


Courtesy : Bro. Arshad Khan

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